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what is abortion recovery?





what is abortion recovery?

Abortion Recovery helps individuals and families overcome the emotional and psychological complications that are often experienced after an abortion. Recovery is often free, always confidential and is available to ANYONE impacted by the loss of a child by abortion. Abortion Recovery changes your life forever.  It gives you a sense of personal peace which heals internal brokenness, repairs relationships and brings back intimate friendships.  Recovery gives a new beginning to life following an abortion.

Who Should Consider Abortion Recovery?

f you have experienced an abortion, or been involved with someone who has, you may be struggling. Many are affected by after abortion trauma:

    • the woman who had the abortion,
    • the person who paid for an abortion
    • children that were told their lives would be easier because a younger sibling was aborted
    • the friend who drove a woman to the clinic pregnant, and back home "un" pregnant
    • the dad whose wife/girlfriend chose abortion against his better judgement, consent or even without his knowledge
    • a school counselor who scheduled the appointment for the pregnant cheerleader
    • the coach that didn't want his athletes' scholarship compromised
    • the grandparent who talked, supported or drove their daughter to the abortion or may not even had known of their son/daughter's pregnancy.
    • a family member, friend, counselor or clergy, who tried to talk a mother/father out of an abortion, and failed
    • the nurse, clinic worker or abortion doctor who later regrets their participation in taking the lives of the unborn

Any of these people might suffer from after abortion trauma. For many, emotions surface after the abortion experience, due to unresolved psychological, physical and spiritual aspects.



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